Monday, August 16, 2010

:: i lOve this stuff ::

salam to all Of u..
i dOnt want tO talk much lah..
im very xcited nk stOry mOry kt u'olls dh nie...
dh lame nk share tp kekangan mase mmbatasi sgalanya...
[ayat cikgu bm.. hihi.. kne lah aplikasikan.. ] =p
juz nk shOw kt u'olls sOme thing that i buy fOr this mOnth..
entah giler ape ntah bln nie.. trsgkut ngan brg adidas...
mule sekadar jenjalan kOsOng jer kt shOpin cOmplex..
pastu tersangkut... after tersgkut.. terbuy lah kOt..
[blh ker jln citer yg begitu?? rusak2.. huhu..]
jOm tgk...
chumil lOmes x?
[picture 1]

[picture 2]

[picture 3]
let's me stOry more detail kt u'olls.. huhu
picture 1 n picture 2 is cOme tOgether2..
picture 3 is single.. =p
kasut niey mmg dh lme nk buy..
ssguh lame lah.. dr taun lepas g..
taun nie.. baru ade rezeQi...
kalO yg beg tu,,, tyme jenjalan kOsong jer...
after trpadang.. trs tersangkut...
ntah ape pnyer aura r yg ade kt beg nie.. ish3x...
on the tyme gak g cucuk n then buy...
pas nie.. sy kne berjimat.. huhu..
nk cOver lek duit tuh.. huhu
[nasib pOse sbln.. leh cOver lek mOney]
tp e2 pOn lOm tentu lg...
xpe2.. yg penting kite cube...
jgn mgalah n berserah..
[ntah ape lah yg cik dena dOk merapu kn.. huhu]
bia lah..
yg penting...
chaiyOkk cik dena!


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